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Baymount Outdoor Adventures has a variety of retail products. These may be purchased at selected retail shops in the region or by mail order.


To place your order call toll free: 1-877-601-2660

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T Shirts


Our “Kayak The Rocks” T Shirt, features the company logo of a sea kayaker passing through “Lovers Arch” at Hopewell Rocks.  The shirt is available with silk screened white logo on forest green 50/50 poly-cotton shirt.  Sizes SM, MED, LG, XL, XXL

Cost: $20.00 tax incl.












The “Northern Lobster” T Shirt is reproduced from the art work of Richard Faulkner. This stylized lobster is part of his “East Coast Theme Collection” The living colors of green and black provide a sharp contrast to the cooked reddish appearance of this Atlantic Canadian seafood delight.  The shirt features 4 color silk screen on natural or white 100% cotton shirt.  Sizes SM, MED, LG, XL, XXL

Cost: $20.00 tax incl.









The “Flowerpot Whale” T Shirt is another reproduction taken from the “East Coast Theme Collection” art work of Richard Faulkner.  The stylized logo depicts a whale curled inside the “flowerpot rock” known as “mother-in-law”.According to Mi’kmaq  legend, the “flowerpot rocks” of Hopewell Cape were formed by giant whales who turned the native peoples into the giant stones when they tried to escape from their whale masters.  The shirt features 4 color silk screen on natural or white 100% cotton shirt.  Sizes SM, MED, LG, XL, XXL

Cost: $20.00 tax incl.






Baymount’s “Fundy Walking Sticks”

'A Fundy Walk Of Art'



Red, White and Black Spruce dominant the Northern Boreal Forest, and are major food sources for squirrels, deer, rabbits and grouse.  Native people once used them to produce spruce gum, beer, tea and to treat a wide rage of ailments.  Today they are the principal source of lumber and pulp & paper, making them Canada’s most valuable tree species.

Our spruce “Yoda Walking Stick”, named  after the famed Starwars character, retains a portion of the trunk and roots to serve as a handle. 




Our American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) walking sticks, covered in gnarls and bumps, typify how strength builds through adversity.  Enduring the Beech canker, the tree compensates by growing in this unusual pattern, enhancing the wood’s beauty.  Beechnuts are favorite treats for squirrels, raccoons, bears and large birds.  As these sturdy sticks guide your steps, remember the words “beech” and “book” come from the same root (ancient Saxons and Germans wrote on beech boards).





“Staghorn Sumac” (Rhus typhina) is frequently known as “Velvet Sumac” because the hairy branches resemble deer antlers “in velvet”.  Its raw fruit, related to the cashew family is rich in vitamin A and was eaten by Aboriginal peoples in salads and crushed to make “lemonade”. The fruit is a favorite food of grouse, pheasant, song birds, small mammals, deer and moose.  Sumac’s bark and leaves, rich in tannin, have been used to tan leather.




Fundy Walking Sticks, hand crafted from “Mixed Acadian Forest” species, symbolize the hardy diversity found bordering the shores of the world-famous Bay of Fundy.  Sticks are made from several tree species, however, Baymount’s signature sticks are crafted from American Beech, Staghorn Sumac and Eastern Spruce.  Thankfully, all sticks are not created equally and only a few have grown to exhibit the unusual colors, shapes and growth flaws that characterize each of our Signature Sticks.

Because of their uniqueness, our Signature Sticks are classified as Superior, Premium, Deluxe and Collector.  As you might guess, the uniqueness and rarity of sticks that meet the Collector Stick criteria are seldom used on the trail.  Our “Signature Sticks” carved from Beech, Sumac and Spruce are extra special and are classified as Collector $145, Deluxe $95, Premium $75 and Superior $50. 


Other walking stick species include Red Maple, Stripped Maple and Tamarack. 

Tamarack “Hackmatack” or “Eastern Larch” (Larix decidua) walking sticks with their “dimpled skin” are crafted from the only coniferous tree in the northeast to drop all its needles in the winter.  As you walk with this stick remember its history of usefulness:  Its slender roots were used by aboriginal craftsmen to sew together strips of birch bark to create their canoes.  Later, early settlers used the roots of this tree as “knees” to join ribs to deck timbers in building small ships.  Cost - $25.00

 Canada’s flag has a Red Maple leaf at its center.  Baymount’s handsome Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) walking sticks are crafted from this appropriately named tree-its twigs, buds, flowers and autumn leaves are red.  As it secures your steps, remember Canada and pioneers who used its bark to dye clothes and to make ink to write to their loved ones.   Cost - $25.00

  “Moose Maple” also known as “Striped” or Mountain Maple (Acer spicatum) walking sticks are renowned.  Since this tree’s bark is a favorite snack for moose, deer and beaver, a legend suggests your chances of spotting these locals increase if you’re carrying our “Moose Maple” walking sticks.  No scientific study as been done to confirm this.   Cost - $25.00



Each fall, Baymount sells of some of it’s used sea kayaking, caving and mountain biking equipment. 

Choices may include the following:


Kayaks - Necky  Amaruk  doubles

            - Current Designs Storm & Squall singles

Paddles - Aqua Bound one and 2 piece

PFD’s (life jackets)

Spray skirts


Tow and throw Bags

Caving helmets & headlamps

24 speed Mountain bikes


Feel free to visit us at our Hopewell Rocks location during the summer and check out the kayaking equipment.  Call 506-734-2660 or email to make arrangements to view caving and biking equipment.  All equipment can be reserved with a deposit.  Sale prices are determined at the end of the season and are based upon the condition of the equipment.


Giclee Art




Full Moon Over Fundy depicts the powerful effect of the moon and sun’s gravitational force on the giant tides in the Bay of Fundy, as they twice daily flood the Magnificent stone “flowerpots” at Hopewell Rocks.  With tides at the head of the Bay of Fundy sometimes exceeding 50' and with a daily discharge of water equal to that of every freshwater brook, stream and river on planet earth, it is little wonder that The Bay of Fundy is recognized as “A Marine Wonder of the World”









The Northern Lobster is a seafood delight. Here the Bay of Fundy colors of green and black provide a sharp contrast to the familiar table-ready red. In earlier days the poor children of fishing families traded their lobster sandwiches for the peanut butter & jelly of their friends.











Flowerpot Whale - According to Mi’kmaq legend, the “flowerpot rocks” of Hopewell Cape were formed by giant whales. The whales were angered by an attempted escape of their enslaved people.  As the escaping slaves reached shore, the whales turned them into “stone flowerpots”.  Here the whales inhabit “The Rocks”.









What is a Giclée?

Giclée (zee-clay) a French word meaning a fine mist or spray, is a fine art reproduction printed on an IRIS 3000 series printer.  The IRIS has the ability to emit 1,000,000 micro sized droplets of ink per second from each of it’s four (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) nozzles, to produce a continuous stream of ink analogous to a fine mist.  IRIS Giclée prints are the most beautiful and artistically correct of all methods of reproducing fine art and photography today.

The Artist's Style

Serving as a volunteer for nearly 25 years with Canoe New Brunswick and the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association provided many opportunities to make friends throughout Canada.  Because of these experiences and encouragement from paddling friends, he was inspired to continue his hobby of recreating authentic canoe and kayak paddles.  The artwork on paddles of the Pacific Northwest captured his interest and inspired him to develop his own unique style that focuses on natural history themes of Atlantic Canada.  Presently, three art works are completed with several others soon to be released.  All art is reproduced as Giclee.

Shorebird DVD

Cover Picture of Shorebird DVDEvery summer one of nature’s epic bird migrations occurs along the mud-lined shores of the upper Bay of Fundy.  These nutrient rich mudflats serve as the only refueling stop for 1-2 million shorebirds as they journey from the Canadian Arctic to the northeastern tip of South America.  Some of the most amazing video footage ever taken of the shorebirds is featured in the Shorebirds of Fundy”, a 44 minute DVD released by Kathy and Richard Faulkner, owners of Baymount Outdoor Adventures.

Cost: $14.95 Cdn. Plus tax & postage.

To order call toll free 1-877-601-2660


Gift Certificates


Baymount Gift Certificates are great gift giving ideas to celebrate those special occasions for those special people in your life.  Adventure gift certificates for sea kayaking, hiking, caving or mountain biking are unique gifts that can be used to celebrate almost any occasion -  Christmas, birthdays, graduations, weddings, mother's day, father's day and many other special occasions.

Please call for information and prices 1-877-601-2660 or email