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Top Natural Attractions

Bay of Fundy – Two Rivers

Bay of Fundy UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.   


In November of 2007, The Bay of Fundy was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  The 4487 sq Km reserve includes the forested coast and tidal shore of New Brunswick's upper Bay of Fundy, stretching from St. Martins to the Tantramar Marsh near the Nova Scotia border.



Fundy Trail – Lookoff

The Fundy Trail Parkway


The Fundy Trail Parkway offer visitors an unparalleled opportunity to hike, bike or drive along one of the last remaining undeveloped stretches of the Bay of Fundy coast.  The Trail is wheelchair-friendly and includes a low-speed auto parkway with scenic lookouts, a pedestrian/bicycle trail, footpaths to beaches and river estuaries, and an Interpretive Centre. When finished, the Parkway will connect to Fundy National Park. 


Bay of Fundy – Hopewell Rocks

The Hopewell Rocks Park 


Hopewell Rocks, situated at the head of the Bay of Fundy, is one of New Brunswick’s most outstanding Provincial Parks and is the tourism icon used to showcase New Brunswick and the spectacular Bay of Fundy.  The sandstone and conglomerate “flowerpot rock” formations, carved by giant tides that regularly exceed the height of a four and a half story building, are a geological wonder that has attracted visitors from the world over. 


Bay of Fundy – Mary’s Point

Shepody Bay Western Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve


Shorebirds are among nature's most ambitious, long-distance migrants. The Western Hemispheric Reserve Network was established to protect strategic international sites that are critical to the shorebirds survival.  Mary’s Point Shorebird Reserve was the first site to receive designation within the network, that now includes 69 sites in 9 countries,

stretching from Alaska in the north to Tierra del Fuego in southern South America.


Fundy National Park – Point Wolfe

Fundy National Park 


Fundy National Park encompasses some of the last remaining wilderness in southern New Brunswick and features two major environmental systems: the marine coastal environment of the Bay of Fundy and the Caledonia Highlands plateau (part of the Appalachian Mountain range) with its deeply cut river valleys.  The Park offers a variety of interpretive programs, hiking trails and other recreational activities and is serviced by the nearby Village of Alma.  


Caledonia Gorge Protected Area

Caledonia Gorge


In April 2003 the New Brunswick government passed legislation which permanently protected around 145,000 hectares of wilderness in our province.  The Caledonia Gorge protected area is 2,856 hectares in size, and features the steeply sloping Crooked Creek Gorge which is dominated by large stands of hardwood forests and old-growth red spruce. The gorge is cut into the Fundy Plateau, and has a peak elevation of 400 metres.


Cape Enrage & Lighthouse

 Cape Enrage


Cape Enrage is a lighthouse station standing atop the 150-ft ocean cliffs overlooking the the Bay of Fundy. One of New Brunswick's Top Attractions, this historic site has been designated “Best View in Canada” and features fine seafood in its restaurant, a fossil beach, extreme adventures and a family experience close to Fundy National Park and Hopewell Rocks.


Additional information about each of these top natural attractions can be found by visiting the respective attractions web site listed in the links section of our web site.